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EQ Prediction: West Coast Of Northern Sumatra

Prediksi Gempa: Pantai Barat Sumatera Utara

The effects of Fallen Mercury, Saturn-Mars conjunctions and Retrogressions in year 2012…….
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In writing this article I have used the 3 charts Foundation chart if India, Hindu New Moon chart of 2012  and the New moon chart of 17th Aug 2012 21.23 hrs. Mercury is  the Planet of communication and courage  in BuisnessMercury retrogrades 3 times a year  for 24 days in a year and is stationary one day before and after. Mercury retrograde creates communication problems and makes life uncomfortable. Stress, arguments, delayed journeys – all can make life troublesome, So do problems with computers, Internet and other technologies. Decisions made can be changed after it goes direct. Stress levels can climb sky high. Arguments can result from crossed wires.
Mercury is debilitated in Pisces on the 27th Feb. 2012 and then turns Retrograde on 12th March 2012 till end of March. This is the third planet which is going into retrogression early this year. It is difficult transit for Gemini and Virgo Lagnas. Virgo  is also in Paap Kartari yoga as well. The sign Virgo is the 5th house of the foundation chart of India, Lagna of the New Moon Hindu chart of 2012.  Mercury is  Fallen in Aquarius on the 2nd April  till 6th Apr. 2012 when it goes back to Pieces. This period of its fallen state is not good since being the Lagna Lord and placed in the 6th house of Hindu New Moon chart  is  in the 10th house of the foundation chart, aspected by the 3rd and the  8th Lord, 12th and the 7th Lord  Mars of the foundation chart. Mercury can bring disgrace and Scandles at the high places, Spy plots , terrorist activities. etc.
Mars retrogrades for 80 days in a year and is stationary 3 to 4 days before and after.  Mars Retrograded on the 24th Jan. 2012 at 29.3 degrees a rashi sandhi point Mars is capable of giving extremely malefic results.The stationary points of Mars. This can lead to war or aggressive tendencies. Mars retrograde can increase stubbornness and can herald a time for war. The Kosovo War March 1999 began with the station and retrogression of Mars and ended when Mars went forward.  Also Retrograde planets  can transit over the same point three times, which concentrates the energy of its difficult influence. Mars will become direct on the 14th Apr 2012 hence it will be in stationary position 0n the 11th - 12th Apr.  2012 at 9.39 degrees in Leo. As per the foundation chart it will be in the 4th house and close to the midcusp as the Lagna is 7.48 degrees , as per Hindu New Moon chart of 2012 it will be aspecting 7th house the Sun, Moon at 8.20 degrees and Mercury at 6.49 degrees from the 12th house. This is a very crucial transit of  Mars. Mars will just be on the rashi sandhi point of 29.03 degrees on the 20th June 2012 where it had retrograded again a very crucial transit.
Saturn retrogrades for 140 days in a year and remains stationary 5 day before and after. Saturn retrograded on the 7th Feb. 2012. When malefic planets retrograde over the gandanta points the results are extremely bad. Saturn will transit the Rashi sandhi  point between 15th May to 17th May 2012. This can  bring instability in the world, time for an unstable property market, political upheavals and major changes in the world.
Saturn will be direct on the 25th June 2012 at 28.43 degrees in Virgo. It will  have a 10th aspect on the natal Sun at very close degrees at 27.59 in Cancer. Saturn will be stationary on the 21st June 2012 when Mars will also join Virgo on the 22nd June. In the Hindu New Moon chart of 2012 the Lagna is 29.37  degrees, showing a deep concern since a fallen planet is the most venomous planet to give malefic results ,more over it will be with Mars.  This period will be most crucial. Vedic Astrology classics say that retrograde planets are strong. The quality of the planet changes when it turns retrograde. Retrograde planets are closest to earth; therefore their impact on the individuals or the earth in mundane is most important and  the strongest. When a planet is retrograde it is stronger and has a more powerful influence. With Mars and Saturn retro it is like driving a car with one foot on the gas pedal (Mars) and the other on the brake (Saturn). An internal ‘stop – go’ battle occurs with Mercury as the back seat driver giving poor directions. 
Jupiter Venus conjunction is taking place  in Aries on 15 March which bring positve energy to Aries. Classically Jupiter Venus conjunction is not considered good as they are inimical to each other and promote opposite agendas. Both Jupiter and Venus are regarded as Gurus, great teachers, they advise different groups of people and therefore their philosophies conflict.  For mundane activities not good at all. Time for transformation in the political world.  
Virgo continues to be in Paap Kartari yoga and  blocked by Saturn in Libra and Mars is Leo in March. The malefic energies are  creating malefic influence on the either side of the sign.. This malefic influence  began when Saturn went into Libra on 15 November 2011 and Mars who had shifted to Leo on the 30th Oct 2011.The malefic influence will be till 17th May 2012 when Saturn becomes fallen in Virgo further aggrivating the malefic influence on Virgo. Mars will join Saturn on the 22nd June 2012 in Virgo further afflicting it till 4th Aug 2012 when Saturn goes back in Libra, there is one positive that Saturn and Mars will be aspected by Jupiter from Taurus , since Jupiter will also shift to Taurus on the 17th May 2012. The fifth aspect of Jupiter is pious but not a long last one, unlike the 9th aspect which is very pious and a lasting one. Saturn and Mars conjunction is not considered good for Mundane activities. Even Jhangir the Mughal king of India was afraid of this combination. 21-3-1739 Nadir shah invasion and general masacare in Delhi. India will have the dasha of Sun-Jup-Mars till 28-5-2012 hence not good. The Virgo sign is the the 5th house of the India Independence chart. This is the house of education, entertainment and children. Affliction to this house  may also mean   there may be political plots against the ruler or foreign diplomats may incite sedition and rebellion. High ranking govt. officers die due to suffocation or terrorist attacks, sudden attacks, accidents in the sport or the educational field. death of prominent artists. Fire accidents in schools and educational institutions.
Operation Blue star which took place on the 5th June 1984  but this conjunction then was in Libra, which would also take place from 14th Aug 2012 to 28th Sep. 2012 and Saturn and Mars will be at degree conjunction in Libra between 14th Aug to 15th Aug. India will then be running the dasha of Sun Sat-Sat.  This transit is most horrifying since operation blue star also took place when these planets were in Libra  and there is no benefic aspect  specially of Jupiter.  This combination is taking place just before the India Independence day. The New Moon chart on the 17th Aug 2012 has Luminaries in the 6th house and Mars and Saturn in the 8th house  showing a deep concern. The Libra sign is the 6th sign of the India independence chart and signifies territorial attack, public health, working classes, strikes, army, navy, war like situations. Attacks and plots by enemies. This combination is deadly and is happening in the 8th house of the New Moon chart. It indicates mass tragedies, underground wealth, fall of govt. death of important persons, earthquakes, valcanos and epidemics. Mars and Saturn will be transitting over the 8th Lord Jupiter placed in the 6th house

Final Predictions
  1. Strained diplomatic realtions with neighbouring countries. Death of prominent Artist, Some untoward event in the field of education and schools, mishaps   in the watery areas  by  drowning, boat capsizing,  Conflicts in the Telecommunication Industry between the 2nd April and 6th of Apr. 2012.
  2. Earthquakes  Terrorist  activities, fires, scandals activities between  the 20th -21st March 2012 after looking at the parameters. Mars and Rahu will be at exact Degrees 13.41 and exact degree aspect by Retro Mars on Rahu, and then on the 21st March 2012, Mars and Moon both in Nakshatra gandantha and aspecting each other. The other dates are 11th-12th Apr. 2012, 17th May 2012  to 22nd June 2012,  and specially between the 27th May to 31st May 2012  more so on the 30th and 31st May 2012 and then  between the 14th to 17th Aug 2012. More so on the 16th Aug 2012 Almost on the Independence day. It has been observed that maximun earthquakes are taking place  in the countries having  Longitude between  75 to 105  around the world .                                                
  3. There will be important change in the Central Government with Prime Minister not able to complete his tenure is also an astrological indication of this Hindu New Year chart. This will happen before 15th Aug 2012. More likely dates mentioned in point 2  then from 14th Aug to 11th Nov 2012. The above dates are also indicative of other events mentioned above in the article.
  4. Foreign spies and terrorist will be active in 2012 and early 2013. There will be threat of terror attack between April  2012 to Aug  2012 and a secret  plot may be hatched against India  during this period.
  5. Mercury is Karka for the stock market and our mind, intelligence, since will be fallen, the market will have immedaite changes and may suffer during this short period. But when joins Jupiter in transit on the 6th May 2012 the markets may take a bullish trend again. I shall write a separate article on this .

Anil Aggarwala

8th March 2012


29 days ago by Anil Aggarwala 1

As per my article ” The effects of Fallen Mercury , Saturn-Mars conjunctions and Retrogression in year 2012……. written on 08-March-2012. link, My Predictions on earthquake are successful both of the Mexico  on the 19th March 2012 and now on the 11th Apr. 2012 of the Sumatra  and in the range of the Longitudes mentioned by me 75-105 . Please read the Para in the final predictions of the above article by clicking the given link thereto .
“ Earthquakes Terrorist activities, fires, scandals activities between the 20th -21st March 2012 after looking at the parameters.Mars and Rahu will be at exact  Degrees 13.41 and exact degree aspect by Retro Mars on Rahu,and then on the 21st March 2012, Mars and Moon both in Nakshatra gandantha and aspecting each other.The other dates are 11th-12th Apr.2012, 17th May 2012 to 22nd June 2012 and especially between the 27th May to 31st May 2012 more so on the 30th and 31st May 2012 and then between the 14th to 17th Aug 2012. More so on the 16th Aug 2012 Almost on the Independence day. It has been observed that maximum earthquakes are taking place in the countries having Longitude between 75 to 105 around the world . ”   Longitude of the epicenter of the earthquake is -98 degrees . I have clearly mentioned the above dates . The earlier prediction of the 2oth March 2012 was also true. 
See the technical details of  this earthquake which is taken from the report of USGS web site published on April 11, 2012.

“Tectonic Summary"

The M8.6 April 11, 2012 earthquake off the west coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia, occurred as a result of strike-slip faulting within the oceanic lithosphere of the Indo-Australia plate. The quake was located approximately 100 km to the southwest of the major subduction zone that defines the plate boundary between the Indo-Australia and Sunda plates offshore Sumatra. At this location, the Indo-Australia plate moves north-northeast with respect to the Sunda plate at a velocity of approximately 52 mm/yr.
Large strike-slip earthquakes, while rare, are not unprecedented in this region of the Indo-Australian plate. Since the massive M 9.1 earthquake that ruptured a 1300 km long segment of the Sumatran megathrust plate boundary in December of 2004, three large strike-slip events have occurred within 50 km of the April 11, 2012 event. These earthquakes occurred on April 19 2006 (Mw6.2), October 4 2007 (Mw6.2) and January 10, 2012 (Mw7.2). In all three cases, the style of faulting was similar. These events align approximately with fabric of the sea floor in the diffuse boundary zone between the Indian and Australian plates.”
Now look at the parameters on the 11th Apr. 2012 14:09 hrs Indonesia Jakarta and 16:13 hrs  as below.
Let us analyse the above chart with respect to the Earthquake.
  1. Rahu is in the nakshatra of anuradha and as per Varahamihira Anuradha is signified by South West which are  Goa, Karnatka, South West Maharashtra, Pallava, Kambhoja and Sindhu-Sauveera. Mars is in the nakshatra of Magha, which is signified by South East which are West Bengal, Orrisa, Andhara Pradesh, Pondichery. The effects of earthquake are felt in the above places as well as far as India is concerned.
  2. Rahu as per ephemeris is in forward motion from the 11th Apr. 2012, and will be in this state till the 14th Apr. 2012.  Mars aspecting Rahu at close degrees. Mars is 9.42 where as Rahu 11.52 degrees ignited the event. 
  3. Mars is going to be direct on the 14th Apr. 2012 and 3 days before and after are the crtitical periods of this planet. Hence till 14th Apr. 2012 things can be critical for the Earthquakes, TSunami, natural calamities and Man made disasters,  as Mars is welknown to ignite such events.
  4. Mercury is Debilitated and has suffered retrogression and was fallen between the 2nd and the 6th Apr. 2012. Now Mercury is behind Sun as per the above charts which is indicative of the above event.
  5. Role of Eclipses. It has been observed that Earthquakes take place either before the eclipses or after the same 20th May 21st May 2012 there will be Solar Eclipse in the Krittika nakshatra. It is asumed that the seismic turbulence is created in the Earth by these eclipses and the earthquake take place as a result of the placement of the planets according to the Solar ingress and Moon charts.
  6. Taurus- Scorpio signs are the notorious signs responsible for the Earthquakes , specially when they are afflicted, Also when Rohini nak. is afflicted, see the Venus and Ketu both in Rohini nak. and at close degrees 12.44 and 11.52.
  7. Major planets Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are normally in retrogression, Here both Saturn and Mars are in retrogression and Saturn is also near Mrityu bhag.
  8. In  the charts Mercury has an important role along with the other planets mentioned above.   chart 1  Lagna is 25.52 and nak. is ashlesha and of Mercury who is in Deblitation and also aspected by Mars. Mercury has suffered a fallen status as well which is most venomous state.
  9. Importance of the Airy and Earthy sign at the time of the Earthquake. Virgo is earthy sign, Ketu and Venus in earthy sign, Saturn Retrograde in Airy sign.
  10. Jupiter the benevolent aspecting Mars, Saturn some relief, hence not much damage.
  11. Role of 4th and 8th house at the time of earthquake. Mars and Saturn influencing the houses in the charts.
  12. Nakshatra of Moon occupied by the 8th lord or the malefics. Chart 1 Saturn the 8th lord is in the nakshatra of chitra Mars and in chart of 16-013 hrs. 8th lord Mars in the nakshatra of Ketu.
  13. See the full Moon chart on the 7/4/2012 02:19 hrs Indonesia Jakarta—
  14. Mercury has just changed sign and in debilitation from earlier Fallen state in aquarius and with 8th lord Sun, aspected by 4th lord Mars from the 8th house. Saturn and Sun both in Mrityu bhag. Sun is 8th Lord, Saturn is Lagna Lord. 
  15. Moon and virgo sign are in Paap Kartari yoga and in chitra nakshatra.
  16. Lagna is Capricorn in nakshatra of Marsplaced in the 8th house, Lagna Lord Saturn is retrograde and placed in the 10th house and in the nakshatra of Mars. Moon is also in the nakshatra of Mars and Mars is placed in the 8th house. Mars is also aspecting Mercury and Sun. Hence the number of planets influenced by Mars are Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Sun and Rahu along with Lagna. Hence Mars is controlling every thing in the chart. The other planets Ketu in nakshata of Moon again, Venus in nakshatra of Sun and Jupiter in nakshatra of Venus.
  17. The situation till the 14th till Rahu is in direct motion and Mars in Stationary position till the 17th Apr. 2012  not indicative of good happenings, but the best part is the aspect of the benevolent Jupiter aspecting the Mars, Saturn, hence there will be not much damage at the present, though there could be a turbulent phase  again  for Earthquakes, Sunami man made disasters  when Rahu and Mars change their motion  on the 25th Apr to 30th Apr. 2012. Rahu will be in forward motion and as explained  in my earlier posts Jupiter then will be in acceleration and will be in combustion, Jupiter will not be able to provide full benevolence then, this period could be disastrous, specially on the 29th Apr. 2012  when Rahu will be aspected by Mars at exact 11.0 degrees. The combinations in the D40 chart on the 13th Apr. 2012 and 1st May 2012 are also not good at all for the above events.

Anil Aggarwala
Dated 12th Apr. 2012

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