Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

What is Nofollow and Dofollow....?

If you are a blogger then it will often be confronted with the term blog: Nofollow and Dofollow. This is SEO techniques, you can practiced backlinking on your blog. Most of the blogger confused what Nofollow or Dofollow? What is this? is this the name of a cake or a new traffic rules substitute the word of STOP? Hahaha… No. No… it’s  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques by providing a backlink that aims to make your blog more popular

Ok. I can give you a little explanation as follows:

Dofollow is the term for a blog that if we are to comment on my blog will be considered as a backlink by search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.).

+ Dofollow
1.      Visitors, for reasons of free backlinks by commenting that he gave.
2.      Pagerank can rise rapidly in a short time.
3.      The blog owner will get a lot of constructive feedback
4.      The blog owner is considered as a socially-minded man.

- Dofollow
1.      Many spammers who spam in the comments to give, but it does not matter if they are removed.
2.      Pagerank is not stable
3.      Too many links and comments could create problems with search engines which resulted in our blog kicked by Google.

Nofollow is a term for a blog that if we give comments on the blog is not considered a backlink by search engines. By default a newly created blog that will autologin be nofollow.

+ Nofollow.
1.      Safe from spammers who are looking for backlinks perfunctory.
2.      Preferred by Google in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
3.      Blog comments usually qualified
4.      Pagerank blog up slowly but surely and steady.

- Nofollow
1.      Little comment, except to give the article a really good quality.
2.      Need patience to raise pagerank blog
3.      Less demand by visitors to the blog, especially for beginners blog.

Thank You.

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